Dance Floors from O’Mara Sprung Floors Keep You Dancing Longer

We build dance floors with safety in mind so you can out practice your competition.

Dance Floor, Home Studio Floor

On an O’Mara Sprung Floor, joints remain pain-free, feet feel better and physical longevity increases. Safety is provided by closed-cell foam blocks that suspend the dance floor above an existing hard, unyielding surface, allowing you to practice longer, and better. Ballet floors, tap dance floors, Zumba floors, yoga floors…all of these should be sprung to protect our bodies in motion. Our customers love the way their bodies feel, and how much longer they can practice, when they’re moving on our dance floors.

I love it and am constantly discussing the floor with dancers and the fact that every dancer and venue, used for dancing, should have a properly sprung floor! And for the icing on the cake – lately I have been having some problems with my hip and it never bothers me when I am dancing or have danced on the O’Mara floor, but it does bother me when I am dancing on lesser floors. I have danced on it for almost three hours at a time during rehearsals and I never feel excessively tired and my muscles and bones are not weary and hurting, as happens on almost any other floor.

- Marc Casslar, Vintage Dance, CT


Based in Flint, Michigan, O’Mara Sprung Floors, manufactures dance floors for homeowners, dance studios, touring companies, large theater productions, and universities. Founder Ed O’Mara and his team are proud to build dance floors in the United States, with locally-sourced materials. Each of our floors, from small home gym floors to large ballroom dance floors, is expertly crafted, and every panel is hand-inspected and carefully crated for shipment. 

O’Mara dance floors are simple to install. Just lay out the cables, connect the panels, clamp, and tighten. Too excited to wait until the floor is installed before trying your new dance floor? Go ahead, put that first panel down, wipe the surface clean, and put on your dancing shoes. Our hardwood panels are coated with the hardest, longest-wearing finish in the industry, making them ready to dance on the moment they come out of the crate.

We love happy customers, and want all of you to be as excited about your new floor as we are. As such, customer service is paramount to our business. We build relationships, so we understand that you desire the precision, beauty and education we offer. Even during our busy summer months we take the time to make sure each customer has every question answered. We believe that an educated customer is a happy customer.

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