DIY Dance Floor: Build Your Own Sprung Dance Floor

DIY dance floor

Looking for a DIY dance floor? For the DIY-er, we offer Build Your Own Sprung Floor package, which includes foam blocks, a foam block layout template, and installation instructions for building a permanent sprung dance floor 1 3/4″ in height.

The Build Your Own Sprung Floor instructions are detailed and specific regarding every step of the construction process necessary to build a permanent sprung dance floor.

Build Your Own Sprung Floor instructions for a DIY dance floor include:

• The best way to seal a concrete floor
• Easiest way to install foam blocks
• The simplest method of installing plywood
• Diagram for layout of floor and floor parts
• Trouble shooting tips to deal with slightly warped plywood,
• Surface imperfections, and other problems that you may encounter

As we want you to build the best possible dance floor for your needs, technical support is offered to help you throughout the entire process.

Build Your Own Sprung Floor Installation:

Build Your Own Sprung Floor In Progress



Rushwick, Worchestershire, UK

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