Studio Dance Floor

ballet dance flooringA great dance floor is a point of pride for any studio owner. With an O’Mara Sprung Floor, studio owners feel confident that they are providing the best for their students, now and in the future. Dance flooring is such an important part of practice and performance; a great sprung dance floor protects dancers from the effects of practicing on hard, unyielding surfaces. Knee and joint damage can be greatly lessened by utilizing a sprung floor.

With an O’Mara Sprung Floor, you can turn your space into a beautiful, safe studio. The most unique feature of any O’Mara floor is our patented Cable-Tuned System which allows you to lay down your floor with ease. Your floor will be custom made to fit your space, and will arrive in manageable 4’ x 4’ sections that weigh only 40 lbs. each. Detailed instructions, individually labeled panels, and included toolkit, make installation simple and straightforward. The resilient wood and foam blocks used to make every O’Mara Sprung Floor create one of unmatched beauty, protection, and longevity.